Wednesday, 17 December 2008

in the forest

it was a deep blue astounding night
and i was listening to the leaves
and in the slow and wet moonlight
it seemed like they were grease
i thought i wandered enough
i was cold and i was tired
but then i hear
a murmur in my ear
“maybe you stay here for a while?”

it was dark and the trees were close
and i couldn’t look around
the air was just like grayish gauze
and i froze right to the ground
i thought i heard a quick laugh
but i really couldn’t see a thing
and then i hear
a breath in my ear
“are you indeed afraid of me?”

my heart was pounding like mad
i was peering into trees
thinking i should have fled
i was feeble in my knees
a shape came out of the dark
and suddenly the place was well lit
and then i hear
a whisper in my ear
“could you please talk to me a bit?”

i looked up and the girl was there
but i couldn’t say her age
she moved with easy care
as if she was on stage
she stretched out her hand
and i answered her move with my touch
and then i hear
a promise in my ear
“i will not demand too much”

i said why you’re welcome sure
the moon was high
i said yes let’s talk why not
let’s walk a mile

so we walked with her hand in mine
and her hand was stone cold
i was stiff and mute and blind
like it was not me at all
i stumbled over roots
and almost fell down to my knees
and then i hear
a surprise in my ear
“why don’t you put your trust in me?”

she pulled me down to the grass
and i looked at her face
her eyes were burning like stars
and i clutched at her waist
her pale green dress slipped
and i stroked her smooth silken skin
and then i hear
a sigh in my ear
“you will drown yourself in me”

i said yes let’s risk it now
the moon was blind
i said why this is a dream
let’s make it wild
and the night went on and on
and the night crawled on and on
and the note was climbing higher and higher and higher and higher
and then it was gone

so it’s a brand new sunny day
but i’ll just stay at home
i feel some dull persistent pain
as if i’m made of stone
now i know who i met
but i have to forget if i can
and then i scream
insatiable scream
“please let my heart be whole again”

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