Monday, 6 June 2011

Suddenly I Craved for Love

It's a self-translation from russian... A small piece, intended to be sort of hilarious...

Suddenly I craved for love
Young and bold and heady
Suddenly I craved for lips
Kissable and daring
I was struck, what do I do
Lie or sit or go
Suddenly I craved for love
Like I’m young you know
And I gaze with utter lust
At your legs I tell you
And compared to my blog
They’re of greater value
You laugh and you move aside
But your eyes are shining
I control myself I do
Or at least I’m trying
Wanna touch your precious thigh
And my hand is naughty
Wanna have it here and now
Wanna get erotic
But your skirt is a stronghold
Really tough I got it
I’m in love and it means that
Nothing’s more important
I swear that I wouldn’t have
This chance lost and squandered
Such a shame a month of quiet
By my doctor’s ordered

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