Saturday, 24 January 2009

the walk

it’s a sunny and warm-for-a-winter day
let’s walk a few miles, shake off your fat you say
it’s minus five
it’s perfect
the sun shines from the crystal sky
i’m overcome with joy
i almost fly

my bucket starts and we drive out of town
some fifteen miles and now the rocks are around
the car is parked
we’re going
the willows boast titmouse parade
my heart feels big
like it’s a date

and yeah i sing those cute and sexy lines
that everybody wants to be a cat sometimes
the cat though
stayed at home
i’m sipping on the heady air
i’ll kiss you and
who cares if people stare

i’m not yet tired, the road starts to climb
you fed your favorite nuthatch and you smile
i joke about
your red nose
you push me oh the snowdrift’s deep
i flounder laughing and
i can’t find grip

so we’ve come to the top and are flown in the wind
pines sing their hymns and “Old Man” looks so grim
oh this gets
really cold here
we drink tea from the thermos flask
we must go back
and it’s no easy task

i always knew that it would be like this
your sparkling eyes and heaven spread under trees
we’re silent
on the drive home
impressions have to settle first
my heart’s still big
i almost burst

funny walk through reserve wood
fat is burnt and i feel good
my stamina is renewed
now let’s go to bed, i know we should!!!

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