Friday, 30 January 2009

munch's nightmare

(munch = edvard munch, a great norwegian artist)

he asks me about something
but i can’t hear
i hate him like he’s gay
or a pedophile
i scream him to fuck off
my fist landing in his face
snot of blood on his nose
it swells it fucking sways
he falls flat on his back
coughing out his chewing gum
i’m crushing walls enraged
rock like bloody pendulum
my knuckles splashing red
and axons yell with pain
i’m gasping for some air
my chest can’t move like chained
he now sits and stares
the shapes around are still
static Munch’s nightmare
some delirious thrill
my half blind effort makes it
i slam the fucking door
then I break down and wail
like hundreds times before

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