Friday, 29 May 2009

the feather boats

the feather boats dragged onto hostile shore
their rowers devoured their skins lie like mats on the floor
i watch from somewhere shaking with dull painful throes
the feather boats scattered like no one will sail them back home
but when the sky was still blue
and serene
the feather boats flew
the sea was deep green
and I was a boy
with beautiful eyes
my father was young
and my mother all smiles

yet I float like a snowflake and watch remnants sink into sand
my flaccid slow head sways this vision is going on end
it smells like stale perfume, i breathe in the sweet sticky scent
the feather boats vanish, the last little copper coin spent
the mouth of the trap opened wide
and inviting
it was a mysterious ride
so exciting
every next morning
the sky was brand new
when did it change
oh i never knew

now i’m crushed like a bug the glassy sky lies on the ground
the funny bells ring the same pattern round and round
the feather boats lost, i think they will never be found
in the end of the dream it turned into pus pouring out
the sick thrill invades through my breath
i’m so tired
i don’t want to finish myself
in this pyre
but i’m a stranger
to all I believe
when all i despise
is the inside of me

set sail
and take me away
set sail
i can’t stand this strain
set sail
and stop it stop it going on
set sail
please take me back home

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